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i-GATE College a property to i-GATE Private Limited Company was inaugurated on the 8th January of the year 2004 with the blessings of the clergy and with the participation of professor Premadasa Udagama internationally renowned veteran educationist, education reformer and a former Secretary to the Ministry of Education. As the chief guest, Mr. E.L. Wijemanna or former secretary to the ministry of Education, and Professor Lal Perera the Dean of Faculty of Educa…

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Quarterfinalist – R.M Hiruka Rathnayake

Join us in applauding Hiruka Rathnayake for reaching the quarterfinals in the Under 9 Boys singles at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura Smashes 2024 Badminton Championship. This event was held from May 3rd to 7th, 2024, at the Mercantile Badminton Association Indoor Stadium, showcasing top young talents from across the region. We also extend our […]

ππ€π“πˆπŽππ€π‹ π•πˆπ‚π“πŽπ‘π˜ – KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2023

ππ€π“πˆπŽππ€π‹ π•πˆπ‚π“πŽπ‘π˜!” Heartiest congratulations to Binul Nethmina on a stellar performance at the Sri Lanka National Karate Championship 2023! Securing second place in the fiercely competitive 14-15 years male Kumite +70 kg Level 2 category is no small feat. This national-level success at the Bandaragama Indoor Stadium on April 27, 2024, speaks volumes about your […]

JCA Triangular Series – India – Bangalore

Congratulations to our young stars who excelled at the JCA Triangular Series Cricket Tournament 2024 in Bangalore! Β  Onila, a big round of applause for clinching the Best Bowler Award! Β  Saviru, congratulations on securing the Man of the Match Award in the Under-13 category! Β  Kavithma, Gaveesha, & Pansilu, congratulations on your participation in […]

4th Place : Junior National Badminton Championship

R.M Tharuka Rathnayaka showcased remarkable skill and determination, securing an impressive 4th place in the fiercely competitive “Sri Lanka Schools’ Badminton Association Junior National Championship 2023,” competing in the under 11 age category. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement dear son. Wishing you continued success and even greater accomplishments in your future endeavors in the world […]

Primary Activities – June Week 2 – 2024

Our students had an exciting lesson about the food pyramid! They explored the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods and discussed what makes a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The creativity flowed as they made colorful charts, drew illustrations, and pasted pictures to bring their learning to life. It was a fun and educational day […]

Science Exhibition 2024 (Grade 6&7)

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent Science Exhibition! This event showcased the incredible talent and creativity of our students. They dedicated countless hours to designing and building models of various scientific experiments, demonstrating their deep understanding and passion for science. Β  Here are some highlights: Β  Innovative Projects: Students presented groundbreaking […]

ECCD Fun Day with Cricket

It was a fantastic day on the field with our nursery kids! They absolutely loved their cricket session, running around with big smiles and having the time of their lives. It was great to see them so excited and engaged, learning new things while having fun. Here’s to many more days like this, full of […]

Little Chefs – Primary Section

Our Little Chefs began a culinary adventure, preparing a delicious and nutritious balanced meal! They mastered cutting techniques, explored new cooking skills, and had a blast throughout the session. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm and creativity in the kitchen. Plus, they maintained top-notch hygiene standards, showcasing their commitment to safe and healthy cooking. […]

World Environment Day – 2024 Highlights

Today, our children celebrated World Environment Day with enthusiasm and creativity! They planted trees, tended to their garden with care, and drew beautiful pictures to honor our planet. Their dedication and love for the environment are truly inspiring! Β  #WorldEnvironmentDay #WorldEnvironmentDay2024 #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollege #planttrees #PlantTreesSaveEarth #saveearth

Annual Excursion Highlights 2024 – Grade 6-7

Our Grade 6-7 students had an unforgettable experience during their annual excursion! . They visited the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, the Pinnawala Zoo, and Iparanigama, where they immersed themselves in the rich history of traditional Sri Lankan village life. Β  From learning about elephants to exploring the fascinating world of wildlife and stepping back in time […]

Vesak Sil Program – 2024

πŸ™Our Vesak Sil program was a resounding success, filled with meaningful and enriching activities. The students gathered with great enthusiasm, attentively listening to the insightful sermons delivered by the monks. Their participation in the various meritorious deeds throughout the day was heartfelt and sincere, embodying the true spirit of Vesak. This memorable event brought our […]

Vesak Day Preparations – 2024

Our children were full of joy and dedication as they prepared for Vesak Day. They crafted and hung beautiful lanterns, decorated their space, and participated in many other activities. Their enthusiasm truly shines through in every detail. Β  #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollege #igatekids #vesakday #vesakday2024 #happyvesakday #vesak

Annual Excursion Grade 4-5 (2024)

Annual Excursion 2024 Highlights (Primary Grade 4-5) Β  #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollegecolombo #igatekids #igatecollege #funtimes #funtimeswithfriends #fun

Annual Excursion Grade 1-3. Water world kelaniya

Our Grade 1-3 students had a fantastic excursion that started with a visit to the serene Manelwatta Temple. After that, they headed to Water World Kelaniya, where they had an amazing time watching fish, observing birds, feeding the birds, and exploring the underwater aquarium. It was a day filled with learning, excitement, and fun! Β  […]

Mother’s Day Highlights 2 – 2024

A mother’s embrace is the first place we find comfort and the lasting source of strength throughout our lives. Β  #igatecollege #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollegecolombo #Mothersday2024 #mother #MothersDay #motherslove #igatekids

Mother’s Day 2024 Photo Highlights (ECCD)

A mother is a constant source of strength and inspiration, her selfless love and gentle presence shaping the lives of those she holds dear. #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollegecolombo #igatekids #igatecollege #Mothersday2024 #mothersday #mother #motherslove

Mother’s Day 2024 Video Highlights (ECCD)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there! Your love shapes families, strengthens hearts, and fills our lives with endless warmth. Today, we celebrate you, not just for what you do, but for the amazing people you are. Thank you for every hug, word of encouragement, and acts of love you’ve given. To […]

ECCD section – activities – week one (May 24′)

Yay, it’s time for super-duper fun playtime and awesome activities! Β  #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatekids #igatecollege #funtimes Β 



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