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i-GATE College a property to i-GATE Private Limited Company was inaugurated on the 8th January of the year 2004 with the blessings of the clergy and with the participation of professor Premadasa Udagama internationally renowned veteran educationist, education reformer and a former Secretary to the Ministry of Education. As the chief guest, Mr. E.L. Wijemanna or former secretary to the ministry of Education, and Professor Lal Perera the Dean of Faculty of Educa…

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“Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of words, where melodies blend with the power of speech and the grace of martial arts. This captivating album captures the essence of our second literary association, a delightful May celebration filled with music, captivating speeches, and an exhilarating showcase by our talented karate champions. Experience the thrill as […]

Invoking blessings for the G.C.E O/L Students 2023

With the blessings of the clergy, i-GATE College sends its warmest wishes to all our students for the upcoming G.C.E Ordinary Level examination. May you shine brightly as you embark on this important journey of knowledge and success. May your efforts be guided by divine grace, unlocking the treasures of wisdom and achieving remarkable triumphs. […]

Classroom Activity #2 – Primary – May

“Step into the enchanting world where imagination takes flight, as our brilliant primary kids dive into the realm of handcrafts and experimentation. With nimble fingers and boundless creativity, they’ve crafted a mesmerizing collection of characters & paper planes that soar through the skies and captivate hearts. Each handmade masterpiece is a testament to their ingenuity […]

Literary Association May (Week 01)

Escaping the Pages. A Melody of Fun and Creativity. Join us on a vibrant journey filled with laughter, games, soulful tunes, and boundless joy, as our school literary association breaks free from textbooks and embraces the magic of youthful camaraderie. Uncover the vibrant tapestry of memories, where studies take a backseat, and endless adventures become […]

Mother’s Day 2023

My dearest mother, words cannot express the depth of love and gratitude I feel for you. From the moment I entered this world, you embraced me with a love that knows no bounds. Your nurturing touch, tender care, and unwavering support have been the cornerstone of my life. You are the embodiment of selflessness, always […]

Classroom Activity Primary (May)

Step into our magical world where young minds soar, as our little buds embark on an incredible adventure through the realms of mathematics! With excitement and curiosity in their eyes, these budding mathematicians dive deep into the captivating world of weight. Watch as they eagerly explore and discover the secrets behind balancing scales and measuring […]

Vesak Sil Program 2023

Vesak Sil Program 2023 (Few Clicks)   #vesak #igatecollege #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatekids  

i-GATE Awurudu Udawa 2023

i-GATE Awurudu Udawa 2023 (Highlights)   #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollegecolombo #igatekids #newyear2023 #igatecollege #iGate  

Watch Now ! i-GATE Awurudu Udawa – Highlights

Watch Now ! අයි ගේට් අවුරුදු උදාව 2023 – 😍 Highlights Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for instant notifications 🔔 #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatekids #igatecollege #iGate #Awurudu #sinhalaandtamilnewyear

Yellow Day ECCD – March 2023

🥰❤️Creativity and the world of the imagination – the beauty of what we see as a child and the kind of play that we experience as a child – can be a way for us to survive tough times. Yellow Day : ECCD – March #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatekids #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollege #yellow #artsandcrafts  



Well maintained discipline and education. I recommend

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English medium education with our Sri Lankan Culture

~ Bathiya Fernando / @ Hayleys Group

Very much affordable and quality education

~ Shanaka Edirisinghe