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i-GATE College a property to i-GATE Private Limited Company was inaugurated on the 8th January of the year 2004 with the blessings of the clergy and with the participation of professor Premadasa Udagama internationally renowned veteran educationist, education reformer and a former Secretary to the Ministry of Education. As the chief guest, Mr. E.L. Wijemanna or former secretary to the ministry of Education, and Professor Lal Perera the Dean of Faculty of Educa…

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Runner Up – Shotokan National Championship 2023

In a fantastic start to the new year, we are thrilled to share that K.A. Binul Nethmina, a Grade 11 student, achieved the remarkable feat of securing the 1st Runner-Up position at the Shotokan National Championship held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium on December 26th 2023. Congratulations to Binul Nethmina for this outstanding accomplishment! We’re […]

Gold Medalist Born (2nd Wado Championship 2023)

Gold Medalist Born   Congratulations to K.A. Binul Nethmina of Grade 10 for clinching the GOLD MEDAL in Kumite at the “2nd WADO Championship 2023” Karate event! Your dedication, skill, and determination have paid off in a big way. You are an inspiration to your peers and a shining example of what hard work can […]


It brings us immense pride to announce that our college is achieving a remarkable milestone with back-to-back achievements from our shining stars in the field of sports   Congratulations to our talented karatekas for their outstanding performances at the recent Kaicho Toshimasa Nishi Championship 2023 held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium!   In the Female […]

4th Place : Junior National Badminton Championship

R.M Tharuka Rathnayaka showcased remarkable skill and determination, securing an impressive 4th place in the fiercely competitive “Sri Lanka Schools’ Badminton Association Junior National Championship 2023,” competing in the under 11 age category. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement dear son. Wishing you continued success and even greater accomplishments in your future endeavors in the world […]

Primary and ECCD activities – February

Little buds actively learning about the environment. Their small actions are big steps towards a greener future!   #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollege #igatekids #GreenerTomorrow

Dananjaya De Silva and Akila Dananjaya @ the Sports Meet 2024

DDS & Akila i-GATE College – Colombo Sports Meet 2024   Dhananjaya De Silva Akila Dananjaya #sportsmeet2024 #igatecollege #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda

Field events / Highlights – 2024

Field events: highlights 2024 🏃‍♂️ #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollege

Track events : 2024 (Highlights)

The recently held track events showcased a thrilling exhibition of athleticism and competitive spirit among the students. Each participant demonstrated remarkable determination and skill, tackling the challenges with zeal and energy.   #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollege #trackevents

Fun activities : February 2024

Cherished Moments in Nature: Our little explorers have been delighting in the simplest joys of life – nurturing the earth’s green wonders and reveling in the playful embrace of sandy adventures. These days, filled with laughter and discovery, remind us of the pure, unadulterated happiness that comes from connecting with our environment. A beautiful reminder […]

Tiny Tots in Crimson: A Red Day Celebration

Tiny Tots in Crimson: A Red Day Celebration   #igatecollege #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #red

Primary Classroom Activities (Jan 2024)

Our Primary school students engaging in hands-on learning: watering plants and exploring the world of measurements. A day full of curiosity and green thumbs #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatecollege

GETHRA 2023 – Highlights

Held on the magical evening of December 8, 2023, this annual concert blossomed into a vibrant celebration of musical and dance genres, each offering its own unique hue to the evening’s palette. The auditorium, buzzing with excitement, was graced by the presence of the esteemed Mr. Somasiri Medagedara. GETHRA 2023 was not just a concert; […]

Independence Day highlights 2024

Independence Day highlights 2024 #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollege #igatecollegethalawathugoda #independenceday

Little Gardeners at Work

In a sunlit corner of our college garden, our kids became mini gardeners for the day. With watering cans in hand, they joyfully tended to the plants, learning about nature’s wonders. Their laughter and the thriving greenery around them created a picture of growth and happiness. A beautiful, simple day to remember! #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollege #igatecollegethalawathugoda […]



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