The process of education should satisfy possible needs of the learner through provision of complete education opportunities for physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development
Fun with words

Today, our kids had a blast creating sentences from colorful words! In this playful activity, they not only explored their artistic side but also showed their language skills. It is a vivid showcase of their imaginative prowess and growing proficiency in crafting sentences that tell stories in a whole new light! #igatecollege #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatekids […]

Classroom based activities (fruit salad)

Today, our adventurous young learners embarked on a flavorful journey in our ENV classroom! Guided by the invaluable lesson on minimizing food wastage, they transformed into Independent Workers, Creative Thinkers, and Reflective Learners. Through the delightful activity of crafting a delectable fruit salad, they honed their skills in oral language, attentively listening and following instructions. […]

 Friendly Softball Match (2nd Term End – 2023)

A Delightful Pre-Vacation Softball Tournament. Smiles, Laughter, and Team Spirit Made It Unforgettable!   #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollege #igatecollegethalawathugoda #softball #cricket

A Star is Born (Tavinya Alanki)

A Star is Born!. Tavinya Alanki shines brightly as she secures 3rd place in the art competition hosted at CMS.  Congratulations on your remarkable achievement!” #igatecollegecolombo #igatecollegethalawathugoda #igatekids #igatecollege #artcompetition #kindergarten  


In this delightful photo album, we capture the sheer joy and laughter of a fun-filled day that left the kids beaming with happiness. From building awe-inspiring LEGO creations to embodying their favorite Disney and superhero characters, the little ones unleashed their imaginations like never before.   Every snapshot tells a story of adventure and excitement […]



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