Past Events

National Swimming Championship 2023

We are thrilled to share the exhilarating news of our exceptional student, Chanudi Kumarappu, who emerged as a radiant star in the swimming world!. At the National Swimming Championship 2023, held at the Sugathadasa Swimming Pool Complex, Chanudi’s unwavering determination led her to achieve the highest honors under the open women category. She secured a […]

Summer Fair (2023)

“Step into the delightful world of Summer Fair 2023, held on the 29th of June. This joyful event was filled with scrumptious treats, including mouthwatering sweets, fresh fruits, healthy vegetables, and piping hot savories. The kids who managed the food outlets not only had a blast but also learned valuable lessons about everyday transactions. Join […]

Father’s Day 2023

Step into the enchanting world of our Father’s Day celebration, where love and gratitude intertwine. This captivating photo album encapsulates the essence of a day filled with cherished memories. Our children, with their innocent hearts, crafted exquisite cards, a testament to their boundless affection for their beloved dads. Each carefully placed beetle symbolized admiration, while […]

Annual Excursion 2023 (Primary)

“Unforgettable Adventures: Exploring Nature’s Wonderland with our Primary Kids” Join us on a captivating journey as our primary kids set off on incredible trips last week. From bird parks, where they held parrots and fed them, to the enchanting zoo, every moment was surrounded by natural beauty. The children had a blast, immersing themselves in […]

A Balanced Diet Primary (2023)

“A Celebration of Balanced Eating”   In a world filled with wonder, our kids embarked on a colorful adventure, discovering the importance of a balanced diet. They created stunning food charts and tended to their own greens. With joy in their hearts, they savored the fruits of their labor. This photo album captures their radiant […]

5 Gold Medals for our Shining Star !

Chanudi Kumarapperuma, our shining star, once again illuminated the 47th National Age Group All island Swimming Championship 2023 organized by the Sri Lankan Aquatic Association at the Sugathadasa Swimming Pool Complex. With her unparalleled skill and unwavering dedication, she triumphed in the Girls under 17 age group, securing an extraordinary five gold medals in all […]


It’s Green Day again ! “Journey into a world painted in shades of green, where our little ones embraced nature’s vibrant palette. From green outfits that whispered of meadows and forests, to handmade wonders adorned with leaves and stems, they immersed themselves in the magic of green. And as they delighted in a feast of […]

In-class activities June (week 01)

“A Tapestry of Time: A Week’s Journey Through Literary Bliss, Spirited Debates, Melodic Harmony, and Unforgettable Moments of Joy. Beyond the Pages and Exams, We Found Our Souls Entwined in a Kaleidoscope of Arts and Entertainment. Let These Captured Memories Illuminate the Vivid Colors of Our Lives, Forever Weaving the Threads of Creativity and Connection.” […]

Poson Bhakthi Gee 2023

“Within the serene ambiance, the young hearts echoed the timeless teachings of the Buddha, symbolizing the spiritual bond between generations. Their melodic verses filled the air with reverence, evoking a profound sense of gratitude and inspiration. This Poson Bhakthi Gee program served as a poignant reminder of our heritage and a celebration of the profound […]


“Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of words, where melodies blend with the power of speech and the grace of martial arts. This captivating album captures the essence of our second literary association, a delightful May celebration filled with music, captivating speeches, and an exhilarating showcase by our talented karate champions. Experience the thrill as […]

Classroom Activity #2 – Primary – May

“Step into the enchanting world where imagination takes flight, as our brilliant primary kids dive into the realm of handcrafts and experimentation. With nimble fingers and boundless creativity, they’ve crafted a mesmerizing collection of characters & paper planes that soar through the skies and captivate hearts. Each handmade masterpiece is a testament to their ingenuity […]

Literary Association May (Week 01)

Escaping the Pages. A Melody of Fun and Creativity. Join us on a vibrant journey filled with laughter, games, soulful tunes, and boundless joy, as our school literary association breaks free from textbooks and embraces the magic of youthful camaraderie. Uncover the vibrant tapestry of memories, where studies take a backseat, and endless adventures become […]

Mother’s Day 2023

My dearest mother, words cannot express the depth of love and gratitude I feel for you. From the moment I entered this world, you embraced me with a love that knows no bounds. Your nurturing touch, tender care, and unwavering support have been the cornerstone of my life. You are the embodiment of selflessness, always […]

Classroom Activity Primary (May)

Step into our magical world where young minds soar, as our little buds embark on an incredible adventure through the realms of mathematics! With excitement and curiosity in their eyes, these budding mathematicians dive deep into the captivating world of weight. Watch as they eagerly explore and discover the secrets behind balancing scales and measuring […]